Vomiting in 6 years old

Male child of age 6 years come in opd with compalin of abdominal pain and vomiting since five days Chief Complaints Abdominal pain epigastric and pubic region History History of taking medication Fexofenadine and montelukast since five days for finger infection and syrup linezolid since 15 days for Abdominal infection from somewhere else No history of fever Vitals On examination soft p/a Weight:18kg Temprature 96.8 Physical Examination Weak Diagnosis ??? Management Need to be discussed



means infection in the finger has disseminated . linezolid shouldnt b used as first choice drug in such cases . should only b reserved for vrsa cases . though i see even quacks prescribing it freely in viral rti too . linezolid is bacteriostatic alone its not so effective has to b combined with a cephalosporin for bactericidal action . add inj cefotaxime n other supportive treatment . do cbc crp blood c/s even urine r/e n c/s .

Thank you doctor

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DDS,??R/O viral hepatitis( Urinalysis,Sr.bilirubin, SGPT), ??drug induced gastritis ,??vesical caliculus (USG-Abdomen) ,UTI Depending upon reports, Rx.

Yes sir i advice Cbc lft kft

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Adverse reactions of FEXOFENADINE Abdominal pain due to Dyspepsia Or Gastritis. Tab.Drotin SOS. Tab. Lanzol 15 mg OD X 10 days. Sy. Xymex 5ml BDPC Susp. Bifilac 5 ml ODPC Electral /ORSL Stop Linezolide..

Thanks sir

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Fexofenadine is known to cause dyspepsia . D/d- Acute gastritis. T/t- Lanzol - 30 mg OD

Thank you mam

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