Vote for The Best Ayurveda Hepato-Protective Drug

Many Ayurveda Plant Drugs have been scientifically proven to have Hepato-Protective effect. What do you think is the most commonly used Ayurveda Hepato-Protective in clinical practice? Vote for Your Favourite Ayurveda Drug Do you prefer other medicines? Share your experience with us

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Each and every drug us best in Ayurveda . It depends on yukti when to use which drug. Drug selection made After analysing prakriti,vikruti,dosha,dhatu involvement in Patients . It's not like allopathy that the same drug will work for all.

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Arogya vardhani vati is best and all others drug are also best it depends on condition

Aarogywardhini is the best.

Kalmegh and Punarnava are hepatoprotective drugs.

Arogyavardhini is commonly used and also manufactured and promoted by most of the pharmaceuticals while others are very less promoted

Aarogyavardhini vati is very good for all kind of liver related problems...

Arogyavardhani vati

Arogyavardini vati