Wat is the best possible option to treat this case

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Try close reduction under G.A. with all preparation e.g. if reduction achieved with gr. tub. in good position then immobise it with check X. ray after 7 days. If gr. tub. not in prpper position close or open C.C. screw fixation. If reduction not possible Under G.A. open reduction &fixation. look for A.C. jt. subluxation. also

Open feature reduction with plating and correct dislocation.

o.r.i.f.rotator cuff injury?.

Thanks for the suggestion, planning for orif with plating

CT scan to fully evaluate the fracture nd dislocation. ..due to compromised blood supply of humeral head primary arthroplasty may be considered. ..dnt forget to fix the greater tuberosity

3D CT scan important for parts,Planing ORIF with PHILOS plate fixation with alternative planing of prosthesis

this is a 4 part fracture dislocation of shoulder. ORIF with Proximal humerus locking plate fixation. Philos


orif reductin&internal fixation

CT scan with 3 d reconstruction then try closed reduction and then ORIF with PHILOS

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