Weakness and shivering of hands

Male patient of age 45 Chief Complaints Weakness Shivering of hands since long History History of taking alcohol since long Heavy drinker According to patient attender एक हफ्ते पहले इन्हें attack आया था गिर गए थे किसी शादी में उसी दिन कोई alcohol nhi le paye the तो बोहोत बैचेन भी थे गिरने से पहले तो गिरने के बाद हाथ पर कांपने लगे थे और paas k hospital में ले जाने पर उनको ये दवाई चढ़ाए थी इन emergency ward Inj levetirecetam iv stat Inj pan Inj ondan Inj diclo Vitals Bp:110/70 Temp:afebrile Weight 55 Height:5*2 Physical Examination Look pallor And weak Hands are shaking Power of limbs reduced may be 3/5 No local head injury seen Investigations Hb:11 Esr:38 Alkaline phosphotase:148 rest lft NAD Kft:NAD Urine RM NAD Bsf 88 Lipid profile: NAD Diagnosis Hand tremors may be due to Prolonged Alcoholic syndrome??? Weakness?? Management My concern! is CT head should advice?? Patient concern क्या मेरी दिमाग की dwa chalegi?? Weakness kaise km hogi?? वजन कैसे badhega?? Attender concern kya inki drinking habit छूट सकती है?? How to approach this case ???



Alcohol dependence syndrome with withdrawal seizure. The patient should undergo detoxification treatment followed by relapse prevention therapy and management to maintain abstinence. If the patient remains abstinence from alcohol , most of the concerns will be addressed within few months. CT is not require unless patient gives a history of head injury or memory problems

This is type of a case developed general medical conditions due to alcohol use disorder, A patient have chronic use of alcohol so that more than physical comorbidity to developed, In case useful reports are USG abdomen LFT RFT Urine test RBS Blood urea CT brain, To do examination mental health Orientation Psychotic symptoms Illusions Complain, Low mood Dependence of drugs Anxiety Social stress Craving Personality Chronic illness Why take alcohol details evaluation, Alcohol is effected whole body part that causes Manny physical and mental health issues, So tremor concious level physical mobility and ability about present awareness is impaired due to alcohol, So first report and then to start Multiple vitamins injection with detxose iv , With diazepam, lorazepam can be start, Anti convulsions and sleep pill , anti psychotic to be add , Last to advice for counselling and start anti craving and personality dependence medicine. This a case developed symptoms are last intakes so details evaluation then after to start devided doses about benzodiazepines per days, Consulting physician and psychiatric hospital.

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