Wet and dry eczema

Suffring from this skin disease please suggest medicines



A case of vitiligo...? Can be associated with atopic dermatitis or an unmixed case of vitiligo. ( An autoimmune disease ) If the white patch deveolped after injury or burn-- is a case of Leucoderma. ( Loss of melanocytes ) Detailed case history needed.

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• Majorium 12X - Half Dram, Tellurium 12X - Half Dram, Hydrocotyle A0 12X - Half Dram - Mix them all. Five drops of this mixture, mixed with half a cup of fresh water, should be taken thrice daily. With this, Scookum Chuck 2X - a drama, Vaseline - an Aus - mix them. This is the ointment. By applying it, there is benefit in chhajan.

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Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Diagnosis For Patient Upper Skin Pigmentation Epidermis Cell Died after Spread This Problem Rx Lyco 200 Weekly 1dose.X2month = 8dose. * Arsenic Album 200 Xbd X7Day. External Oil Buchi 0May be Helpful.


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