What an usual finding we got in COVID-19, ... "PERSISTENT HICCUPS"

We at pulse hospital,Nanded,noticed hiccups as new finding in 2 cases.One patient aged 68 yrs man had it the only symptom initially later developed other symptoms like cough,vomitings and fever etc. Later investigated and tested positive by rtpcr for covid. 2nd case a 48 yrs old man had all classical symptoms myalgia,jt pains,fever,cough anosmia,loss of taste.On day 5,he developed intermittent bouts of hiccups.Inv and diagnosed to have covid 19. Our cases highlights one of the less common manifestations of COVID-19 and the need for a thorough history and physical exam in all patients presenting with hiccups especially during the ongoing pandemic.A thorough history and good physical examination are crucial in patients presenting with persistent hiccups to help detect the underlying cause. In these times, COVID-19 should be included in the differential diagnosis of a patient presenting with persistent hiccups.In such patients, the involvement of the lower lobes causing irritation of the phrenic nerve and its pericardial branches and the diaphragm are thought to be potential causes of hiccps Ref: Brikman S, Levi O, Dori G: Rare clinical manifestation of community-acquired pneumonia. BMJ Case Rep. 2018, 11:e225589Prince G, Sergel M: Persistent hiccups as an atypical presenting complaint of COVID-19. Am J Emerg Med. 2020, 38:1546.E5-1546.E6. 10.1016/j.ajem.2020.04.045.




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All colleagues are requested to put their views.Thanx in adv...Dr.Rafeeque MD med. Pulse Hosp.Nanded,Maharashtra.

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