What are the advantages of small dose in Homoeopathy?


The advantages of minimum dose are that it doesn't give rise to the aftereffect so frequently result in standard treatment.

Small doses always have a very good effect on vital force ... small dose only stimulate the vital force and rest of the action will continued in a secondary curative action whre similar artificial bigger dieses will vanish through its small nature.... and patient gets cured.

If you give more than one medicine, one might cancel out the action of another. •     If you give more than one medicine it is not possible to know which is having an effect. •    The possible interactions between simultaneously given remedies are not known.

small doses stimulate, medium doses inhibit and large doses kill. Thus the minimum, potentised dose is employed by homeopaths.

Avoids undue aggravation , pt get please by minimal amt & repetition s, most refined & dynamic results comes from infinitesimal doses

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