What are the difference between somato psychic and psycho somatic diseases ?



According to Hahnemann's classification-- Mental diseases are lined-up into 4 distinct types. SOMATO- PSYCHIC ( Refer Aph No 216 ) Are one sided mental diseases.... which arises as the physical symptoms of the disease decrease in intensity or disappears , followed by increase in the mental symptoms in a fatal way. . In majority of cases the dangerous symptoms of the physical diseases become mild but a fully formed mental aberration results. Psychiatric aids like persuation , consolation , advice etc are injurious and < the disease. LINE OF APPROACH TO THE CASE:- Bringing back the physical disease state or revert the disease into the physical plane. ( Ref Aph No 217 , 218 ) PSYCHO-SOMATIC:-( Refer Aph No 225 ) Psycho-somatic mental diseases are exactly the reverse state of SOMATO-PSYCHIC mental diseases. This state can be caused by prolonged anxiety , worry , frequent occurance of fear, intense fright etc. If this state extended for long period of time-- affects physical health of the patient. LINE OF APPROACH TO THE CASE:- ( Refer Aph No 226 , 227 ) Can be easily cured by by psychological approaches like regaining confidence by friendly talks , sensible advice etc. Advice-- proper diet & regimen. Treatment by antipsoric medicine usually required to avoid repetitive attacks.

A psychosomatic disorder is a disease involving both mind and body, in other words. Some physical diseases are thought to be especially prone to worsen by mental factors such as anxiety and stress. ... Somatoform disorders are psychiatric ones that are displayed through physical issues

Somatopsychic disorders are mental disorders caused or exacerbated by somatic disorders. In contrast to psychosomatic disorders, the list of somatic conditions causing mental disorders

When Sharirik Dosha (Vata Pitta Kapha) leads to disturbance of Mansika Dosha (Satva Raja Tama) its Somatopsychic.... And Vice-versa

Somatopsycic is body complaints cause mental disease Psychosomatic is both body& mind disease

Somato psychic disorders involves mind and body which causes stress and anxity Psycho somatic disorders involves physical symptoms related to systems of body such as gastrointestinal.

Physical illness incorrectly diagnosed ends with dosto psychic disorder where as truly mental illness such as wrong perception and effect to phycal activity ends to psycho somatic disorder. That is the simple answer I think so.

Mental disorders caused by somatic disorders and the second is somatic conditions causing mental disorders expanding as science advance s

Somato physic - Physical disorder psyco somatic - Mental disorder

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