Flexion deformity post TKR

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Assess what is the reason for deformity ? Is there still muscle tightness ? Hamstring or gastrocnemius, rectus femoris, often stretching the hip flexors will also relax the knee..... is it an extension lag or extension lack or both ? SPEAK TO THE orthopaedic and inform regards the same. Is there pain ? How much of VMO weakness was present before the TKR and how much is still persistent.. Mobilization will happen only with surgeons green signal, till then working on strength and muscle flexibility will help

Hamstrung and gastroc is tight. It's an extension lag and lack both. Pain is when passively extending the knee and patient performing active static quads. No information about patient's pre TKR status. @Melitta Menezes (Pt)

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Static quadriceps.. Resisted knee extension in high sitting Static quads with pillow below heel Heel press with pillow below heel

Thank you doctor. Have been doing all this. If there's anything new then do share!!

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