What are the ecg findings in premature atrial and ventricular complexes?

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In atrial ectopic there is p wave but not normal p wave like other beats and compensatory pause is incomplete qrs is mostly normal looking and narrow.While VPB qrs is wide ,bizarre and no accompanying p wave (abnormal) and compensatory pause is complete.(what is incomplete or complete compensatory pause ? Find out from some ecg book.

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If a PAC occurs when the AV node has not yet recovered from the refractory period, it will fail to conduct to the ventricles; this means there will not be a QRS complex following, or the ectopic PR interval will be prolonged. The ECG will show a premature, ectopic P wave and then no QRS complex afterward.

In PAC ectopic follow p wave and in positive axis,while PVC follow q waves in negative axis

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Either atrial or ventricular contrations pattern

Premature beat OCCURS in Upper chambers of your heart , it's Known artrial Complex, and also Ventricular complex both are Same ... theoretically .

I want the Ecg findings sir

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