What are the vaccines recommended for 9 month old baby


If baby received OPV(O dose)+Hep.B at birth followed by OPV/IPV+ Pentavac+PCV(pneumococcal)+Rota viral oral .....at 6weeks....10weeks...14weeks...then at 9 month only MMR should be given & 2nd dose of MMR at 15 months. Booster dose of OPV+Pentavac+PCV at 18-24 months Booster dose of OPV+DT ...at 5 yrs. TT at10 yrs.& 15 yrs.

Thanks.Dr.Ashok leel sir

If child is previously vaccinated or vaccination is going on regularly than at age of 9 month MMR should be given. If no previous vaccination history is there start from hep B as described by Dr Madhukar Deshpande.

Thanks Dr Madhukar Deshpande.

Hep B / RV 2 / DTP / Hib / PCV / IPV / Influenza.

Measle DPT polio optional rota

Measles /MR, vitamin D

Measles vaccine.... Or MMR

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