what causes this in women.. 29 year old.. kco pcos with hypothyroidism from 10 years... hyperpigmented lines besides lips and hyperpigmentation in chin mandible area... and how can we treat this???



I think its following PCOS. Changes in skin pigmentation can also occur with PCOS. Acanthosis nigricans refers to the presence of velvety, brown to black pigmentation often seen on the neck, under the arms, or in the groin. This condition is associated with obesity and insulin resistance and occurs in some women with PCOS.

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This is perioral melasma As lady is a kco pcod and hypothyroidism Due to harmonal changes hyperpigmentation do occur though can not be explained So far Rx skin lightners are suggested Cosmelite neo Or melalite15 at bed time for half an hour and wash off before going to bed

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Peri oral Melasma. Coexisting with hormonal disorders like PCOD, Hypothyroidism. Skin lightening agents will be helpful.

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Hyperpigmentation of perioral skin Common causes include on oral pills pregnancy stress hypothyroidism PCOS Treatment of cause exfoliation whitening cream

Hypothyroidism and PCOS due to hormonal disorder, coexisting Anemia may cause perioral melasma. Hematinic, vitamin C, vitaminE, green vegetables to be given Depiwhite cream in night locally

This hyperpigmentation is due to PCOS and Hypothyroidism. Advice Depiwhite cream at bedtime. Sunscreen Tab Vit C 1000 Tab Epi O2 OD

Seborrheic melanosis.....give anti fungal cream for 15 days will resolve lesion

Hyperpigmentation Or perioral melasma।


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Melacare bed time Antioxidants Sunscreen lotion in day

Peri oral pigmentation due to hypothyroidism n pcos Ultra bright ointment night Sun screen in morning

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