What does it mean "aerosolised droplets" with referance to corona virus's spread? How it can b check


Aerosolised droplet/contact spread-(where disease transmission occurs because you touch a surface contaminated by these droplets, or get caught within the spray zone when the patient is coughing. Aerosols are so small that buoyant forces overcome gravity) aerosolized influenza A viruses are infectious at low doses, and tend to cause more typical influenza-like disease (fever plus cough), than intranasal inoculation which mimics contact and droplet transmission . Small droplets will remain in the air for very long periods of time (become airborne), but the exact cutoff is unknown, and can change significantly based on factors like temperature and humidity. With normal breathing, large droplets mostly fall to the ground within a 2 meter radius, but they can evaporate and become small droplets. Coughing and sneezing can propel these large droplets much further – at least 6 meters or 18 feet. COVID-19 can be spread through airborne aerosols,Because of their larger size, large droplets contain as much as 99.9% of viral particles exhaled. Although aerosols may carry small amounts of virus, they become very diffuse the further you are from the patient and are effectively managed by modern ventilation systems. I don’t think we should be making black and white statements. We need to consider the potential for aerosol spread, and how that might impact our PPE practices, while simultaneously recognizing that droplets and close contact with patients represent a far greater risk.

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