WHAT is a PANIC DISORDER ? Many a times, I was forced to go to my casualty to see patients with PD in the middle of the nights. Let me share the information about what I learnt. ! Panic disorder(PD) is a frequent and debilitating psychiatric condition associated with reduced Quality of life and impaired work performance. The condition is characterized by discrete periods of intense fear or discomfort often accompanied by somatic and/or cognitive symptoms. Genuine physical signs such as chest pain, palpitations and shortness of breath resembling the known symptoms of Acute Cardiac events are common. PD often remains undiagnosed or untreated. It is estimated up to 40% of Individuals with panic attacks never seek treatment of any kind. Around 30-40% of patients with chest pain and normal angiographic findings meet the diagnostic criteria of PD. Most of them get labelled as dyspepsia ironically. Between 30-50% of Individuals diagnosed with PD also suffer from Agoraphobia( fear of places and situations that might cause panic or helplessness or embarrassment ), but by itself the prevalence of agoraphobia is considerably higher. Typically onset of PD occurs between late adolescence and the early twenties, but I , myself has seen in premenopausal women very often. Currently the diagnosis of PD is mainly based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ( DSM ), which is the standard system to classify mental disorders for clinical studies. The most important risk factor for the development of PD is family history of anxiety disorders. First degree relatives of subjects with PD have a 4-7 times greater risk of developing PD. Finally PD can be defined as an inherited biochemical disturbance in the overall function or structure of GABAergic, noradrenergic, serotoninergic and/or dopaminergic systems. It is generally agreed that treatment of PD is Long term, lasting minimally 1 year and often 3 yrs or longer. But then the treatment of PD can come only in my next post !



Dr. Goyal, I am glad that this post caught your attention. More than anybody, you are the right person to comment on this and please share your experiences of those people who had panic attacks and how they were cured !

an anxiety disorder charecterised by repeated episode of panic attacks. .

Dr Nath , You are some what right ! All panic attacks are Anxiety disorders but all Anxiety disorders are not panic attacks! Thanks ! Sir, for commenting on the post !

Thanking you my dear friends Dr(s) Mangla, Rajpal, Goyal, and Jagtp. I agree with you all !

Thanks, Dr(s) Nath, Sushant, Mahesh and Gayathri ! I agree with you all !

Thanks for sharing

Dr. Preeti, I am glad that you appreciate my post and I agree with your comment.

A disorder with common aggravation in patient with free floating anxiety and Type A personality where they are severely debilitated by a feeling of Impending Doom.

Can somebody .. Share the success story ... Of z particular treTment effective in PNic Disorder ?

Come on Sir! Please narrate your case studies....

Nice post sir

res sir very great post I have seen sach pt many time's bt female are very pron to pd mainly newly married and those who had sadantory life thnx for post

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