what is a Visceral Artery aneurysm?

Visceral Artery aneurysms are rare in occurence and present with a wide variety of clinical symptoms and signs, most often of which is the combination of abdominal pain and pulsating abdominal mass. The most common of these are Hepatic and splenic artery aneurysms followed by SMA aneurysm. They may be confused for an AAA as well. Management includes an emergent laparotomy, repair of the aneurysm (excision and reconstruction). A reverse long saphenous vein graft serves the purpose most often. Prosthetic material can also be used if indicated. Surely a challenge to manage, these VAA are extremely fragile and carry a high risk of rupture and death. @therealfarmanali #docfortmeducation #medicalmentors #medicaleducationservice #medicalstudents #medicaleducation #hpbsurgery #cancersurgery #livercancer #liversurgery #livertransplant

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What were the complains if the patient, was it diagnosed preoperatively while going for investigation, OR. It was a operative finding. Will you be pleased to give the details .

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