What is apical delta in root canals and how to clean and obturate it

Endo Talks : APICAL DELTA - ENDODONTICS The Apical Delta is a 'Y' shaped branching of the root canal near the apex of the tooth. Apical delta branches were not straight with cross-sectional shapes being non-circular. These branches allows free passage of blood vessels and nerves from the periapical compartment to the pulp tissue. Sometimes its not even seen on radiograph. It is difficult to instrument and obturate. If the pulp remains in these accessory canals it may complicate the debridement of the infected root canal system. Apical deltas are mostly found in maxillary second premolars, mandibular lateral incisors, and mandibular second premolar Thorough and effective cleaning techniques should be carried out to clean such type of cases. 3D Cleaning and Obturation is much needed. In this case RCT of upper 2nd Premolar Irrigation done with 5% Hypochlorite activated with the help of Endoactivator. Obturation using resin based sealer AH plus with WVC..




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