What is best managment about a epilepsy.?

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First approate use of Antiepileptic drugs, on dosage/kg/day, Never miss drug dose, Monitor side effects of AED by clinically, some time serum level estimation. Avoid epileptic child to drive vehicles,/ near fire/ near ponds,river etc. In some cases,if epilepsy not responding to drugs, surgical intervention needed Vagus nerve stimulation needed in some cases Ketogenic diet is advised.

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first look for the type of seizure . generalized focal abscence etc . then treat according . usually start a broad spectrum anticonvulsants like valproic acid solve the issue in most cases . start with a dose of 15 to 20 mg/kg/day in divided doses can max it upto 40 mg/kg/day or even 60 . major side effect is hepatotoxicity . another novel drug being used often these days is levetriacetam .

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It is an era of personalized medicine.. No single regimen is applicable for any two patients. Now a days patients became more sensitive, educated and medico-legal cases are very common. Better to strictly follow to current guideline, if you and confident and having slightest doubt better take help from experience person around you. Best wishes

shirodhara and mridu shodhan,smriti sagar rasa,shankhpushpi churna,kushmandavaleha and panchgavya ghrit.

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