What is curative treatment for cow suffering from difficulty

what is curative treatment for cow suffering from difficulty for stand up & walking of right hind leg?



It is case of dislocation of head of femure from socket of acetabulu m so that first femurs head placed in socket by men power.animal lie in left side so that rt. Limb up.A3'woden shaft 3''×3" tied c leg tightly c femure &tibia bone then try to keep head of femure in acetabulum socket after that ludol's iodine inj. around head of femure so that heavyinflammation occurred to prevent from come out the femure head . Antibiotics & vitamins also used.

Inj Trineurosol H ,Inj Ketoprophen with application of POP bandage over the part may give some improvement.

Check the hind limb proper any injury and give nutritional supplement and inj vitamin se and E and inj phosphorus inj potassium alternate day

Sir animal suffer last 1month & treated with so many times with antibiotics nervine tonics & phosphrus. But but cases dont recover

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Tibial nerve paralysis.vit.AD3E,tribivet,massage,sling support

Might be nerve injury following faulty intramuscular injection

Use of splints with nerve tonics and high quantity of pain killers(nemusilide) and vit d therapy along with physiotherapy

Give oraly powder equimin forte 100gm daily2 and orally np s bolus

Formaline 1% dip for the hoof. Dip for some time twice a day.

Metatarsal fracture Use bamboo splint for 10 days

In.vetalog 5 ml In.Neurobion 10 ml daily In.Mifex 300 ml iv than 200ml sc Deworming

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