What is sheehan's syndrome?? Sheehan's syndrome is a condition that affects women who lose a life-threatening amount of blood in childbirth or who have severe low blood pressure during or after childbirth, which can deprive the body of oxygen. This lack of oxygen that causes damage to the pituitary gland is known as Sheehan's syndrome. CAN IT BE TREATED?? If Sheehan's syndrome is diagnosed, treatments will be lifelong hormone replacement therapy which may include corticosteroids to replace your adrenal hormones, oestrogen to replace ovarian hormones and Levothyroxine to boost your thyroid hormone levels. CAN YOU GET PREGNANT IF YOU HAVE SHEEHAN SYNDROME??? So it is hard for pregnancy in Sheehan's syndrome. However, only a small proportion of patients with Sheehan's syndrome may have spontaneous pregnancy, which depends on the preservation of LH and FSH secretion after the pituitary apoplexy event. Diagnosis- H/o- PPH LOW- ACTH,TSH,FSH, Prolactin,cortisol,T3,T4, oestradiol Treatment- Corticosteroid Thyroxine HRT



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