What is the best investigation for covid-19 post infection State ( after 14 days with no symptoms?


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After treatment post covid recovery test is RT PCP , NO treatment home or quarantine Antibodies. And routine investigation. Because immunity develop could be assessed in yes or no .it's quality and quantity is very difficult to assess so the period it last. Few cases of relapse has been reported in various country.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

Latest CDC guidelines say NO to retesting needed. Just assess patient clinically. RTPCR will be mostly negative . You may look for antibodies, but most studies say that they will be negative in 70% population . HRCT is also not useful unless if you have a base line film and want to look for new lesions , but as patient is stable it is of no use and more over unnecessary radiation exposure. What I feel is better go for inflammatory markers and complete blood count for NL ratio so as to rule out progression and continuing inflammation. If the patient has to go for job and if they need rtpcr report for it, then you may proceed . Else no need of anything.


Antibody test. CRP.


CRP, RT PCR, and igG antibody test

Antibody through Elisa PCR of throat/nasal swab

Antibody through Elisa

IgG antibody

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