Knee flexion deformity post TKR



viscoelasticity long leg braces

Knee flexion deformity is 10 degrees post treatment. Want a brace that keeps the knee in extension while sleeping.

How much degree of flexon deformity there? If correction is possible with manual therapy than there is no need to provide an orthosis. It may be due to shortened the limb after total knee replacement. Normally many patients complaining leg lengthening due to incorrectly alignment with normal leg.

If the knee flexion is fixed deformity , brace will not be able to correct it. If it is stretchable, u get vissco long leg braces for knee support.. if you need brace for stability of the knee in walking, hinge knee brace again by vissco should be easily available on their website or in chemist shop

According to my opinion appropriate physiotherapy treatment is the best way to cure flexion deformity post operative tkr. However SPS Orthosis can be an aid.