What is the best treatment for redness at anal region in a child post during loose motions?

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its a indicator that child has developed frictional dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis . due to acidic stool . n secondary lactose intolerance has set in now . if there are satellite lesions too then candidal involvement should b suspected too . avoid use of nappies . or change nappies very rapidly . either way . keep the area exposed . candid b ointment zinc orally lactaze enzyme drops .

Perianal and anal glands produce oily secretions, which keep anal and perianal skin soft and healthy Loose motions results in loss of this protective cover Coconut oil application 4 - 5 times a day and every time after motions are passed will result in restoration of healthy skin


Tnx Dr Sachin Kale

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Monilial infection Use wet wipes wet tissue p aper No cleaning with water No under garments Oint eumosome m bd

Coconut oil local application

yesterday i saw a patient whose parents were applying thrombophob ointment in that area on advise of some doctor .

Application of himalaya baby cream or coconut oil.

Rectal bleeding

Protectoderm oint l/A

Apply locally Surfaz sn twice daily

1. Zinc oxide cream with emollients. 2. In cases of severe infection/redness, mupirocin or metronidazole gel can be considered.

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