What is the cause of Acute painful thigh in an infant just 3 hours post delivery


U meant in a 3 hour old newborn. R/o fracture of femur. In infants myositis osteomyelitis trauma fracture Cellulitis even leukemia need to b ruled out.

Insect bites? Trauma? POST vaccination.? Unintentionally pressure?

Trauma Joint Synovial infection Dpt vaccination Impending Abscess

? Trumatic ? Muscle pain.. ? JIA .. ? Post vaccination..

Mostly #femur Post vaccination

Growing pains are a common cause of leg pain in children. These pains are muscle aches that can occur in the thighs, behind the knees, or the calves. Other possible causes of leg pain that may be more serious can include juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), lupus, Lyme disease, and leukemia

Trauma leading to pain should be ruled out.xray thigh needed

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