What is the diagnosis ?

Male patient of 22 years found unconscious in morning of 22nd of June brought to a private hospital in Guna then to Hamidia hospital bhopal then to my hospital on 27th of June in unconscious condition, there was no history, only this bite mark found over right arm, patient is semiconscious now (E4VtM5), intubated, not able to give any history, CT head is NAD, all investigations WNL, what type of bite is it and what may be the diagnosis ?



Looks like fang mark of snake Considering the presentation of patient, it is likely to be Krait bite

The size and shape of mark is not corresponding the snake bite

Yes marks seen looks fangs Likely snake bite

The length of mark is 4 cm

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If CT is normal, still it can be Metabolic coma Poisoning , suicidal attempt. Encephalitis, meningitis. Need details of all the investigations done. LP needed Blood Toxicology profile needed . Just given the photo of the lesion without history, it resembles Tenia infection and may not be related to the present condition of patient.

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