What is the diagnosis? A) Calciphylaxis B) Epidermoid cysts C) Hidradenitis suppurativa D) Onchocerciasis E) Scrotal calcinosis



E. Scrotal calcinosis . Scrotal calcinosis (SC) is a rare, benign entity defined as the presence of multiple calcified nodules within the scrotal skin. In most cases, there are no associated symptoms.

Description of lesions as seen are multiple sebaceous cysts all over scrotum called as sebborrhic epidermoid cysts.hence ans is B

Thanx dr Kute Ankush

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Multiple smooth rounded nodules on scrotum more favour to... B) Epidermoid cysts ....

CORRECT ANSWER IS.. E ) .. Scrotal calcinosis

Tnx Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

I go with E-Scrotal Calcinosis

E) Scrotal Calcinosis

Thanks Dr kute Ankush

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E.scrotal calcinosis

B. Scrotal calcinosis It is a rare and benign condition. It usually gives rise to few symptoms, and the impact is mainly functional and aesthetic. It is considered part of dystrophic calcinosis cutis. Surgical management is the only curative approach, and recurrence has been described in few cases

I agree with E. Scrotal calcinosis

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