What is the difference between pseudo and Artificial chronic diseases?


Pseudo Chronic Diseases:- ( Refer Aph No:77 , 7 ) Are produced from prolonged exposure to avoidable conditions of living for the support of life , or from maintaining causes. Removal of which is suffient enough for bringing back such patient to health-- IF NO UNDERLYING chronic miasm exist . Artifitial Chronic Diseases :- ( Refer Aph No: 74, 75, 76, 41 ) An artificial chronic diseased state-- produced as a COMPLICATED DISEASE CONDITION by the admixture or abuse of drugs used for treatment. Can be considered as an incurable disease condition. The following ways may be helpful which requires both time & patience. 1 . Wait for a period of time for some effects of drugs to subside. 2 . Antidotes the drugs abused. 3 . Treat the symptoms of natural disease before drugging . 4 . If enough vitality is still left in the patient prescribe for the available totality.

Pseudo chronic disease Apprent disease expression cure by hygeine diet Artificial chronic disease drugs used in large quantities & length of time

Pseudo-Chronic Diseases are the apparent disease expression that could improve through good Diet, Regimen and Hygiene and are not due to fundamental chronic Miasm.

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