What is the medications for covid positive 8 year old child who is asymptomatic


According to IAP guidelines APR-2021, Mild cases 1.r Rx as OPD bases,/ Home Rx 2.Hydration,No Antibiotics, if Fever....Tab.PCM 3.watch for Red flag signs , like Rapid breathing,SpO2...<95%,....Persistsnt Fever....lethargy...drowsiness....poor feeding in infants if any found Admission needed& further investigations & management protocols,,, In case of High fever for 3-4 days,along with Covid, alternate diagnosis sought...arrange CBC,CRP,Urinalysis,Blood culture,CXR etc. multivitamins supplemens can be given or not given ( no proven value)

Azithromycin Steroids Cough syrup Faprivir Vit BComplex Vit C



IAP..... guidelines APR.2021, ... page3

IAP...2 page

Be watchful

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