what is the name of this fruit and its health benefits ? The flesh part of the fruit is like white jelly.

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Longan, for indigestion, heart, as tonic & in insomnia and as vasoconstrictor.

Dimocarpus longan longan fruits (source: internet)

Not explained in Dravya Guna.... I never found this

longan fruit.good for indigestion

Health Benefits of Longan - Longan is used as remedy for stomach ache, insomnia, amnesia, and dropsy. - The fruit is said to invigorate the heart and spleen, nourish the blood and have a calming effect on the nervous system. - A spoonful of longan tonic made of equal quantities of longan flesh and sugar simmered in water till it is reduced to a syrup consistency is recommended twice a day. - A decoction of the dried flesh is taken as a tonic and treatment for insomnia and neurasthenic neurosis. - In Vietnam, the "eye" of the longan seed is pressed against snakebite in the belief that it will absorb the venom. - The seeds are administered to counteract heavy sweating, the pulverized kernel, which contains saponin, tannin and fat, serves as a styptic (substance that draws together or constricts body tissues and is effective in stopping the flow of blood or other secretions

Tamil name ?

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longan fruit (Dimocarpus longan )

longan for heart indigestion as a tonic for insomnia and stomach problems

Exactly.Dragon eye in English.Rich source of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Antioxidant, nervine tonic are a few properties of these.

Nice mam

In tamil it is called kaduguda pazham

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