What is the optimal duration of dual antiplatelet therapy after high- risk TIA?


CONCLUSION. THREE weeks is the correct answer. Two randomised controlled trials evaluated dual antiplatelet therapy after high- risk TIA or minor ischemic stroke.In both trials,most of the benefits of dual antiplatelet therapy is reducing recurrent ischemic events was seen in the first few weeks,while the risk of major bleeding appeared continuous. A subsequent time course analysis the data from CHANCE ( Clopidogrel in High - Risk Patients with ACUTE NONDISABLING Cerebrovascular Events) trial suggested that dual antiplatelet therapy reduced stroke risk in the first 2 weeks and bleeding outweighed stroke reduction after 10 days.Taken together,these two trials suggest that the reasonable option for dual antiplatelet therapy duration after high- risk TIA or minor ischemic stroke is 10 days to 3 weeks.

Three weeks to three months There are different school of thoughts I personally prefer 3 months for high risk and 3 weeks for low risk mam.

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