What is the probable cause?

Fever with cough and cold for 3 days. Paracetamol and pantoprazole taken. After 2 days, these swellings appeared over scalp and face. What is the probable diagnosis?



Fever , cough and rash may be drug reaction but same symptoms present in COBID-19, so please ask for CBC ESR Blood SUGAR CRP LFT

Urticarial rashes may drug induced Paracetamol known to cause Rx treat fever with nimusilide Add anti allergics

Thanx dr Chaitanya Upadhyay

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Drug induced urticaria Adv T.Teczine 10mg Adv routine blood investigations along with COVID-19 test

May be drug Reaction Check for Cbc MP widal CxR for covid also

Drug rash

??Urticarial rashes Swelling due to cold and cough Adv. Treat with antihistamine cough syrup Tab. Azithromycin Tab. Levocetrizine Tab. Nimsulide

unilateral rashes may be drug indused

Drug induced urticaria

Drugs reaction

Thank you doctor