What is the t/t for 6 wks amenorrhea with h/o recurrent abortion?aspirin is advisable or not

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Aspirin 75 can be started at around 12weeks. Till then you can start the patient on Inj HCG 5k once a week, Inj Progesterone once a week Tab susten BD Tab folic acid. You can start LMW heparin at around 6 weeks.

Can we start aspirin without apla test?

yes aspirin should be started while pt is planning preg in this case of RPLand continue till eigth month.if apla test is not done before pregnancy,then no need to do d test during pregnancy.plus as d preg test is positive start her on LMWH,with progesterone suport oral and injectables,get her vitb12 and homocysteine levels and replace Vita b12as this hyper homocysteinemia is also associated with RPL.

Hucog inj weekly Tb strone 200 bd Tb aspirine Usg

Yes give aspirin 75 mg hs....cardiac activity documentation is not necessary now as per latest recommendations in recurrent preg loss....add progesterone inj as well

Can we start aspirin without apla test?can we give it in 1st trimester and how long

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