What is the treatment for acute gouty arthritis and how to manage chronic Gout?


Uric acid more then 7 it is gout Pain with swelling gouty arthritis Febustat 40 bd Zyloric 100 tds If pain colchicin Main if serum uric acid more then 9 then life long Their is something like Asymptomatic glyucosuria

See dear dr..just considering treatment wont help.. once u understood the pathogenesis involved from converting acute to chronic stage of gout then u can do great management. in short: -increase serum uric acid levels [overproduction or underexcretion] -monosodium urate crystals tophi Advise: -NSAID..corticosteroid..colchicine combination therapy used. -uricosurics or xanthine oxidase inhibitors or uricase drugs. [Note:hyperuricaemia>>tophi>>activates complement cascade system in which interleukins r released>>osteoclast activation]

Thanks for ur appreciation Dr Govvinda N..

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