What is the treatment for Lt tubo ovarian physiological cyst?


Ovarian cysts are sac like collection of fluid in the ovary. May be benign or malignant. SYMPTOMS Pain, Increased abdominal girth, Nausea, Vomting, Bloating sensation, Bleeding, Rupture. DIAGNOSIS Most of them are diagnosed by physical/transvaginal examination or Abdominal/Transvaginal USG, CT/MRI ( for complex cysts/for excluding othe pathology), CA 125 to rule out malignancy. TREATMENT Most of them are asymptomatic, Treatment depends upon the age,size and symptoms. Small cysts will disappear itself. NSAIDS, OCPs, Laparoscopic drainage, Laparotomy (rarely). After removing the cysts sent for histopathological examination.

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Functional ovarian cyst need no treatment. However if you are talking about tubo ovarian mass than it needs evaluation. Normally tube is not swollen up in physiological states and tubo ovarian masses are pathological which needs evaluation

nothing to be done for physiological cyst spontaneous regression will occur repeat USG after 4-6 weeks

As you have mentioned the cyst is physiological If it is small and asymptomatic nothing to be done Bit big cysts are to be aspirated or marsuperisation is done

Nothing to be done for physiological ovarian cyst, symptomatic treatment can be given

no treatment required for functional ovarian cysts


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