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4 Month baby Rashes Yellowish face Chief Complaints Yellowish face Dry skin

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Seborrhic dermatitis Yellow skin face maybe due to 1.Jaundice....see whether whole body skin Conjunctiva, mucous membrane below tongue yellow or not?? If + ve arrange for Sr.Bilirubin (direct/Indirect) Other cause maybe due to raised B-carotene in blood—>striatum corneium—>Yellow skin ,But here SCLERA /Conjuctiva not YELLOW Carototenmia is usually due to 1.Exessive consumption of Carotene vegetables ( not in this baby) 2.Breast milk/Cow’s milk also contain carotene specially if maternal Sr.Carotene level high. 3.R/O hypothyrodism, Hepatic dysfunctions,Renal disease, IEM.

Thank you doctor

Why only face will b yellow . Not whole body . Thats what i m not able to make out . Did the parents apply something on face. Atopic dermatitis .

Infant jaundice often disappears on it's own Babies don't need medicines aur any therapies for jaundice


Acute seborrhoeic dermatitis .

Any blood investigations done?