What is this after 4 th day of extraction...??? Also h/o fever ...??



Angioedema -allergic reaction....stop all prescribed drugs....inj dexsona..or mild Oral steroid...tab evil.....

Due to fever

Nd ur tt plan ,if due to fever....??

It may be drug allergy..

Looks to be herpetic... N self limiting.....

Herpes labialis

Its a fever blister(herpice labialish) Treat with analgesic only if pain and fever. After 15days its subside ,its viral infection Tab acycloveer is available but no need to give bcoz viral infection cure in 2week without medicine

Seems herpes labialis To rule out drug allergy stop the medicine and give antiallergic like Avil

May be erythema multiforme. Herpetic out burst are usually unilateral . NSAID may be a cause.

Seem to be herpes

herpes labialis.

Allergy reaction

Herpes labialis

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