What is this Gingival swelling?

Chief complaint A 59 y-o female complaints of a gingival swelling irt 35 & 36 for 1 month. History No history of any abuse. She is diabetic. Examination It shows a non-painful, 1 x 1.3 cm red lesion was noted. IOPA was normal. Diagnosis What is your opinion? Treatment Advise the management.




Granuloma biopsy HP Growth possible malignancy biopsy HP mri


@Satish Kumar i agree

Case of Irreversible Pulpits wrt 35&36. Advice , IOPAR wrt 35&36. CBC and Blood sugar F/R/PP . Treatment ,1.Gel Metrogyl-DG forte , apply Thrice daily. 2 .Cap.Phexin -500 mg ,BD for 7 days. 3.Tab.Ketorol -DT ,BD for 5 days. 4.Cab.Cobadex -forte ,OD at night for 7 days.

DD: Periodontal abscess Make biopsy

Pyogenic granuloma.

Pyogenic granuloma... Excision,. It will bleed profusely so keep a cautery ready.

@Dr. Rohit Valecha upload IOPA

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