What is this lesions on tongue?

Chief Complaint A 56 y/o female presented with an asymptomatic lesion over the tongue. History No history of any substance use. Patient is diabetic. Examination It shows 1.5 x 1 cm, pink-yellow and well-demarcated, lesions on the right posterior lateral border of the tongue for 6-7 months. Diagnosis What are your comments? Treatment What should be the management options?



My suggestion would be to carry out all baseline investigations, Do a thorough screening for local irritants if any, Systemic status of pt. being diabetic advise strict control, Check for lymphadenopathy, Add supportive treatment according to the chief complaint of the patient, Recall after every month closely observe the lesion, if at all any alterations .. be ready for biopsy.

Carcinoma of Tongue.Advice ,1.CBC 2.Blood sugar F/R/PP.3 FNAC.