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Hydatid cyst

What is treatment of hydatid cyst


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hydatid cyst in case of hydatidiform mole, ayurveda treatment can be given to prevent abortion.medicine like garbhpal ras,garbhvinod rasa,praval pishti,chandanasava,lohasav,ushirashav can be tried if there is a sign live foetus. otherwise case can be treated with dilatation and curratage.if mole is bigger then 16 month foetus in size ,then hystrectomy should be done. in case of hydatid cyst of the liver, surgery is the treatment but i think nitya virachana with kriminashak chikitasa can be given for recurrance of the disease.

Dear doctor, hydatid cysts arein liver (3in number) .The suggestive treatment is already given for a month but pain and loss of appetite is relief

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Surgery maybe the best option If minimal symptoms are present then conservative management can be done with Varunadi kadha Kanchanara Guggulu or Saptavimshati guggulu Cruel cap Vranapahari rasa

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Answer of Dr Jyoti is very correct

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