What is trephination syndrome in patient with craniectomy ? What are its implications and signs?

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Good question Dr Melitta. Its also called sinking skin flap syndrome or syndrome of trephined. When a skull n brain being a closed box is turned into an open box following craniectomy. Now there's a difference between intracranial pressure n atmospheric pressure. Soon the atmospheric pressure increases leading to seizures dysautonemia severe headache etc.

Thank you doctor.. If patient is having poor alertness, more drowsiness, and sudden changes in BP once a day accompanied by sweating could this be signs sinking skin flap syndrome or these are only symptoms bcoz of infection ? Patient had bacterial infection and was on antibiotics for month, now antibiotics have stopped and we are seeing some progress in alertness etc but not as before...

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Even herniation of brain can occur as a deadly complication.

Thank you doctor. This will be found out by MRI ?

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