What kind of fixation is this? please help me to understand.

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It is a comminuted proximal tibia fracture with extension to diaphysis Diaphysis is fixed with intramedullary enders nail Proximal tibia and comminuted fragments are :fixed with partially threaded screws with washer Looks United Ap view needed for further comments

its not wise to post only lat xray orthopaedic surgeon should not post such incomplete data i dont expect what actually is expected by posting such xrays this xray and sich questions are suitable for under and post graduate students i think its time to raise the standard of ortho cases to fair level discussion

Agree Sir waiting for your cases.

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lag screw fixation with elastic nailing. I have not seen such fixation earlier. but here it seems it has served the purpose

Nailing with multiple screws.

Enders nail and cc screws

i would call it innovative

is there an AP view

which one

probably badly communited fracture fixed with multiple lag screws and enders nailing. the result looks good.

probably it was segment al fracture and fixed with PC enders and cc screws

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