what management will be needed for this person with TSH level 4.95



Just wait for any co related symptoms and reoeat TSH..periodically. Well , what are the symptoms causing trouble to pt..????

Pt If asymptomatic, no signs symptoms of hypothyroidism subclinical hypothyroid, only follow up

No treatment is required in this case.

plz provide pt age, sex, family history of thyroid disorder, clinical exam finding, any swelling in neck, symptoms of hypothyroidism if any, then TFT with thyroid antibody.

Sublicinical hypothyroidism needs treatment in case of anti-TPO positive,chronic kidney disease, infertility, pregnancy

first repeat the test.. if still slightly raised get anti- too antibodies done.. if its negative no treatment required... if its positive then treatment should be started as the patients will develop symptoms later on

presently treatment is not required. advice for regular follow ups. and please advise for Free T3 T4 and repeat TSH level.

asymptomatic no need to treat. just repeat after a month

is the patient symptomatic? if not, just repeat the test after a month and a half.

No treatment.Only followup.

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