What medicine csn be given for symptomatic relief of burning sensation in diabetic neuropathy?


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Diabetic neuropathy is disease due to micro blood supply hampered so only medicine will not help, exercise is most important along with medicine. If micro blood supply increased nerve ending ischemia Will decrease and get relief.

Gabapentine or pregabalin B1,B6,B12 orally and parenterally Antidepressant like amitryptaline, sertraline

Alpha-lipoic acid. Acetyl-L-carnitine. .. Gabapentine.. Vit B1/ B6/ B12 in theurapatic dose.

Medicines for neuropathic pain Gabapentin Pregabalin Amitriptyline Carbamazepine

Sir plz expain dosage and duration for optimum results.... Bcaz I have tried all these but no results, bl. sugar is under control.

I am using gabapentin 300mg+nortryptiline 10mg 1od at bedtime for 3to6 months

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Resnar plus (nortryptyline+ pragabalin+ methaylcobalamine)

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VITAMIN D , Añd Cap Pregabalin m 75 at bed time

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Pregaba Neurokind Optineron

Pregabalin mecobalamin

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