what precautions should be taken in pregnancy with fibroid?primi



See the size of fibroid. If fibroid is small than no special precautions required. However if fibroid is big than explain the risk of abortion, preterm labor, PPROM, abruption, PPH. Also the location of fibroid needs to be seen . Cervical or supracervical fibroid may hinder normal vaginal delivery. Also risk of IUGR to be explained. Progesterone support Inj. Betnesol 12 mg 2 doses at 32 weeks

No worry...serial usg done...cervical n endometrial fibroid cause problm lo during pregnancy n labour...only in 2nd trimester red changes in fibroid may develop...for dat need symptomatic treatment

As in all precious pregnancies

- Previous pregnancy care protocol

Site is important than size so first site,then size , precautions should be taken as pregnancy care protocol

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