What r da causes of post covid cough? How to evaluate? How long it persist?



Duration of post viral cough depends on preexisting lung status. If it is normal, pt will be free of cough within 4 weeks. If there is PH of Bronchial asthma,COPD , emphysema, chronic bronchitis, ILD, or CCF cough may persist for a longer time .

Usually cough persist more than 3 weeks It’s called as post viral cough Reason for that is 1) inflamatory process during viral illness damage lot respiratory mucosa 2) increase sensitivity to cough reflex May be productive or non productive dry cough Adv : repeat : CBC, x ray chest and if require HRCT chest Treatment : bronchodilator Steroids Antihistaminics Inhalers Steam inhalation Luke warm water

Post viral cough remains for few weeks to months depending upon viral type and virulence. Post covid it remains for around 3 weeks. It's a natural inflammatory response causing cough. Earlier antiviral therapy may reduce the duration of cough. Along with bronchodilators and steroids severity reduces markedly.

Cough will be there for 2 to 3 week after getting infected from viral Because viral pneumonia in covid dilate the bronchial n also can cause fibrosis N treat accordingly

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