What r the dermatological manifestation of COVID??


As par WHO advisory, cutaneous manifestations included: a papulovesicular rash , Urticaria , Painful acral red purple papules . Livedo reticularis lesions and petechiae.

Dermatological manifestation are, papulovesicular rash, urticaria , painful acral red purple papules , livedo reticularis lesions and petechiae .

The other cutaneous manifestations included: a papulovesicular rash (34.7%, 25/72), urticaria (9.7%, 7/72), painful acral red purple papules (15.3%, 11/72) of patients, livedo reticularis lesions (2.8%, 2/72) and petechiae (1.4%, 1/72).

Urticaria vesicle itching like ms.ifest has been noted by many clinicean

@ chilblains like lesion , blisters, raised red bumps, , covid toes , skin necrosis

Usually urticaria

Covid toes.


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