What should be diagnosis

A male of 25 year has this type of leasion on sole on and off since 6 months ,,,painfull ,,clear liquid from this comes out when puncture Chief Complaints Pain full lesion on sole , Increases day by day , Water filled in it Burning epigastric on/off Vitals Normal Physical Examination Normal

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Plantar eczema. Pompholyx.

Rasmanikya bd with honey. After diet keshore guggal & Panchtiketghrit guggal with Khadirarisht.Jatyadi oil for application. Avoid excess salt.

dyshidrotic eczema

Age of the patient, epigastric burning, appearance of the lesion all suggestive of Pitta-vikruti. 1) Try Virechan if the patient is 'arha'. 2) Jalaukacharan will be helpful. 3) Orally pitta and rakta shamak chikitsa is essential.

Gokshuradi guggulu 1 tab twice a day after ideal diet with warm milk Aaragwadharishtam 30ml with vilwadi vati 1 tablet twice a day. Sathadoutha ghritam for external application

Chopchinyadi mix ras sindoor 1tsf bd with milk both are essected highly ayurved antibiotic Mix daah shamaan praval pishti 1tsf bd

Triphala guggulu 2-2 tab morning-evening Wash by triphala qwath and pus clear then jatyadi tail local application wound cover with cotton Avipattikar churna 3gm BD

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