What should be prescribed for dry mouth and what for hypersalivation ??



Dry mouth.. Management.. Drink water. Sipping water and staying hydrated can help relieve dry mouth. ... Avoid certain medications. ... Kick dehydrating habits. ... Suck on sugarless candies. ... Chew sugarless gum. ... Improve overall oral care. ... Use alcohol-free mouthwash. ... Avoid breathing through your mouth... Hypersalivation.. Management.. Traditional treatment options include daily oral medications to diminish saliva production, periodic injections of a medication called Botox for temporary reduction in saliva production, or a variety of open surgical procedures to remove some salivary glands or disconnect others from the mouth.. Constant hypersalivation is usually caused by chronic health conditions that affect muscle control. When you have impaired muscle control, it can affect your ability to swallow, leading to saliva buildup...

for hyper salivation- px anticholinergic drugs for dry mouth px cevimiline

For dry mouth prescription of carboxy methyl cellulose will be helpful. As for ptylism first rule out the possibility of heavy metal poisoning, hyper acidity etc.Anticholenergics like atropine, phenothiazines will be of help.

Civemiline 30 mg tid can be given plus salivo mouth wash

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