What to do for management of bilateral lower limb pitting edema No history if bp/htn/diabetes.


Chronology…? Any progression? How is abdomen and face . These are to find out the system with main pathology. Ask them to keep their legs elevated at night during sleep If doing a job of continuous sitting, they need to move their legs once a while, keep their feet on a stool rather than hanging from chair. Send blood for t.proteins, albumin ,globulin Urine for micro albumin.

Sir for microalbuminuria test is Spot ACR right?

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Complete case details pl. BMI / Any medicines taken in last 3 months ?/ Age of pt/ S.Createne/ HB ? / Dressing pattern

Bp normal limit Grade 1 Hepatomegaly Serum urea 17 Cbc finding nad No history of drug taking Htn or diabetes

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Rule out the cause

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