What will be the protocol of insulin therapy in a severe ICU admitted covid case?


Insulin has many mechanism by which it can be used to cure COVID 19 Insulin reduces ACE2 receptor, insulin reduces binding of SARS COV 2 to ACE2 receptor, insulin improves immunity, improves chemotaxis and improves intracellular killing of microorganism, insulin decreases formation of cytokine this decreasing cytokine storm Therefore insulin has very important role in treatment of COVID 19 and it's cure and recovery Insulin can be used in two forms 2) Regular insulin infusion to titrate blood sugar to 80 - 108 This method has higher chance of hypoglycemia and require strict blood sugar monitoring 2) Once a day Glargine insulin 4 units in non diabetic patients has lesser chance of hypoglycemia with all the benefits of insulin as stated before Glargine insulin can be titrated upwards or downwards depending on blood sugar level every day

According to Hgt Different for Ketoacidosis Insulin HIA Or Insulin HIR

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