WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST FOR THIS CASE? THIS IS THE CONVSERSATION. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO CONCLUDE THE CASE. ANY RUBRIC SELECTION? ANY GROUP SELECTION? ANY KINGDOM SPECIFIC? IMPORTANT POINTS? PATIENT AGE 20/F. DATE 12/11/17 MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS. PYTRIASIS ROSEA TELL ME HOW CAN I HELP YOU? I have these red rashes all over the body. These are very itchy. O/E SKIN The rashes are small oval, itchy and papular all over the body except face. ARE YOU TAKING ANY PRECAUTIONS? Yes, I am not going outside not applying any soap and not wearing any other fabrics except the cotton. OK ANY DIETARY CHANGES??? I am not eating any junk food. OH OK WHAT KIND OF JUNK FOOD DO YOU EAT REGULARLY? Pasta, Pizza and much of chicken dishes. WHAT ELSE? Actually, I eat chicken regularly. SO YOU ARE NON VEG? Yes, but I am not eating these days because of skin issue. DO YOU EAT DAILY NON VEG? Yes, I eat daily egg or chicken. OK, ANY DRINKS? I normally like the red bull and if in hard drinks I like to drink beer but occasionally. YOU DO DRINK BEER HEY! Yes DO YOU LIKE BEER? No no it's not like that's drink it occasionally. HOW MUCH DO YOU DRINK? 1-2 bottles. HOW OFTEN DO YOU DRINK? Like once a month. Now, I am thinking of not to drink beer. OK GOOD. Actually I want to loose weight and want to increase my stamina. TO INCREASE STAMINA? IN WHAT WAYS? SO YOU ARE FEELING WEAK? For gymming. OK HOW MUCH IS YOUR WEIGHT RIGHT NOW? Right now I am 60 KG. HOW ABOUT HEIGHT? 5'3". OK DO YOU DRINK HARD DRINKS TOO LIKE VODKA ETC? ( THIS IS TOLD BY HER MOTHER TO ME THATS WHY I HAVE ASKED) No, very less like way too rare. MEANS YOU DO DRINK VODKA TOO? I had it 3 - 4 months ago. I don't like them actually. DO YOU SMOKE TOO? (AGAIN HER MOTHER GAVE ME THIS INFORMATION THAT SHE SMOKE HUKKA) No I don't smoke ( SHE DENIED) ANY OTHER HEALTH ISSUE? Yes, I get cold very often. OK IN WHICH WEATHER?? Especially in summer. HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU? I sneeze a lot. OK HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOUR DAILY WORK? Sometime but usually at night nose becomes stuffy and obstructed and I can not breath through nose and I have to breath from mouth. However, the rest of the day is fine I do not have any problem. OK SO YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEM IN DAY TIME? No it's just at night time. And it started a month ago. And as the winter starts I am totally fine. WHAT ELSE? Nothing all good. OK TELL ME WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE? NATURE WISE? I am very kind, Helpful, kind of dominating, and cheerful and wanted to be in group to enjoy more. CAN YOU GIVE ANY SITUATION FOR THE ABOVE SAID WORDS? I HAVE ASKED A LONG QUESTION TAKE YOUR TIME TO ANSWER. Kind:- if some one is sad or in a bad situation I support them. Helpful:- If someone needs my help I barely say no to them. Dominating:- it's like if I want anything to be done according to me so I want it in that way only and I likes to control. Cheerful:- I stay happy most of the time. CAN YOU GIVE AN EXAMPLE WHERE YOU FELT TO CONTROL OVER SITUATION? Like if my family wants to organize something for someone then at that time I felt like to control and sometimes when I go out with my friends and I want to go to the place I suggested then I feel control. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR FRIENDS DO NOT GO TO THE PLACE YOU HAVE SUGGESTED? I feel sad and afterwards I don't think about it. I go with the friends where ever they want to go together. CAN YOU EXPLAIN MORE WHAT DOES THIS CONTROL MEANS? They should do few things according to me. WHEN YOU SUGGESTED ANY PALCE YOU WANT TO GO WITH THEM AND YOUR FRIENDS DID NOT AGREE WITH YOU HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? Sad and ignored (RUBRIC DELUSION?) IS THERE ANY THOUGHTS COMES TO MIND THAT MAKES YOU SAD? Actually what I do for my family and for my friends I do it with my heart. So, if I do not get the chance to express my love, my ideas then I feel sad and ignored. I feel sad inside but will not show on face. WHY YOU WILL NOT SHOW ON FACE SADNESS? It's because I do not want any one to pity on me. WHAT WOULD YOU THINK WHEN A PERSON DO WITH HEART FOR OTHER PERSON AND THEN THAT PERSON WILL NOT ACCEPT THE SUGGESTION THEN HOW THAT PERSON WOULD FEEL? ITS NOT ABOUT YOU ITS SOMEONE ELSE. That person will obviously feel low and ignored. (SAME REPLY IGNORED) HOW DO YOU REACT WHEN YOU ARE SAD AND IGNORED AT HOME? I lay on my bed and I don't interact with my family and just listen to music. WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN AT THAT TIME? Dancing, hip hop, romantic, sad all kind. DO YOU WEEP TOO? No if I weep I weep alone. Because I do not want to show that I'm weeping. WHEN YOU ARE WEEPING AND SOMEBODY COME WHAT WOULD YOU DO? ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT PERSON KNOWS YOU ARE WEEPING? Then my tears comes out more and I think it's human nature. WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE ATTENDED IN THAT SITUATION OR WANT SUPPORT? I would like if someone would give me the privacy. I don't want anyone to ask me questions and just give me the space may be I will discuss it with myself. YOU PERHAPS GET ANGRY IF SOMEONE DISTURB YOU WHILE YOU ARE SAD? Irritated. HOPE I AM NOT IRRITATING YOU? No. You are not irritating. DO YOU HAVE ANY DREAMS AT NIGHT? Yes, before I had dreams but now I am perfectly fine no dreams at all. CAN YOU TELL ANY DREAM WHICH WAS RECURRENT? Once I had a dream and I saw a person but I was not able to see the face of that person a black person totally black. WHAT WAS YOUR FEELING? I woke up WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION? I was kind of scared. SCARED? It felt like someone was following me. DOES ANYBODY FOLLOW YOU IN REAL LIFE? No ARE YOU SURE NO ONE FOLLOW YOU? Yes I am sure no one followed. IS THERE ANY INCIDENT IN YOUR LIFE THAT HAS BIG IMPACT ON YOU? No OK WHAT KIND OF EXERCISES DO YOU LIKE AT GYM? Cardio and all. SO YOU LIKE VERY HARD, FAST EXERCISE OR SOFT, SLOW EXERCISE? I like sort of weight trading plus normal exercises. ARE YOU A COLD PERSON OR HOT PERSON? I feel equal but I would like winters because you have more choices to wear clothes. ANY HEADACHE? When I do not have enough sleep I got headaches. I get bad headache with dizziness. WHERE DO YOU HAVE PAIN IN HEAD? Whole head. WHAT MAKES THE PAIN BETTER? Sleep ANY BOWEL ISSUE? No ANY OTHER COMPLAINTS? Facial hairs. The hairs texture on face are very dark and thick. ANY GYANE PROBLEMS? Lot of pain for the first two days and I can't get up from bed for 2 days. I need-heating bottle to get some relief. THE PERIODS PAIN STAYS DURING PERIODS OR GETS BETTER WHEN PERIODS STARTS. After 2 days it gets better CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE SENSATION DURING PERIODS? Lower abdominal pain with trouble passing stool. I have actually cramps in lower abdomen And do not want to eat anything with mood swings. Sometimes I have loose motions. (DIARRHOEA MENSES DURING) DO YOU LIKE TO KEEP ANY PET? ( I USE TO ASK THIS QUESTION ITS HELPFUL SOMETIMES) Yes, I love dogs and cats . I play a lot with dog. WHICH PET YOU LIKE THE MOST? Dogs THANKS TO ALL OF YOU IN ADVANCE!




FOLLOWING POINTS ARE USEFUL IN THIS CASE:- 1) Ignored/neglected/despise/not appreciated as her delusion (Want control and wanted her ideas to be accepted) 2) Cravings for chicken everyday can't skip a day. 3) Diarrhoea menses during 4) Victim feeling in dream (Persecuted by a black person) 5) Menses painful 6) Skin eruptions itching 7) Dominant person (With giving suggestions to her friends she wanted to be a dominant person) 8) Salty food desire 9) Desire alcohol 10) Wanted to be in group not one on one person. 11) Desires fast food a lot. 12) Likes as a pet Dog or cat but dogs the most. 13) Yeilding disposition (can't say no to anyone) PLEASE UPLOAD MORE IDEAS AND POINTS IF NEED TO LOOK AT!

Remedies can be thought of. Nat mur,Nat carb,phos,aconite,puls. You have to put PQRS instead whole totality to get similimum. As there are many common rubrics which gives you more marks at different remedies that can misguide you from similimum after reportarisation. So be careful while selection. Best luck...!!!

Ok sir I agree with you. All natrum salts won't be applicable to this case sir because the natrum wanted to be alone, and are introverted personality not expressive. However, she is out going, wanted to be in groups to enjoy (natrum can go in group but will not involve in group to enjoy, natrum want to enjoy with a single person like one on one basis) cheerful, happy, dominant etc. On the other hand Pulsatilla are timid, shy, weepy constitution. She is not timid And shy as well So I don’t think pulsatilla even fits the case. Yes, for sure pulsatilla feels neglected if they don't get attention. Well! I will check what will be the best remedy for this case.

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I am happily thankful to all homeopaths involve in every case discussion. Whatever remedy will be given to patient is another topic but with discussion we learn different remedies with different possibility.

Nice Case Presentation..... According to your homeopathic management you can add Panchanimbadi Tailam for local application @Dr. Yashpal Chadha sir

OK sir, thank you. I will add this oil.

Tubercular miasm. Must be agg. By sun from exposure to. Latent grief. I treated couple of cases in past using Nat mur 200one dose.

Here is analysis..

Very good points sir! Body look is average not too fatty. Which remedy you would select for this case? @Dr. Akshay Ingole

As per case history Think on Nat.mur or phos.

OK I will

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Nat Mur may be effective

Natrum Mur.200.

Kindly comment on REPERTORIZATION sheet.

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